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Pop GS Mimosa

Price : INR 75.00 / Kilogram

Pop GS Mimosa is a mimosa single bleached extract of high quality indicated for tannage of hides and skins whenever a very light colour is required. In the tannage of soles and vachettas a very nice beige tone, often desired, is acheived.

Typical Analysis :

  • Physical Aspect : Light beige hygroscopic powder, dedusted.
  • Ionic Character : Anionic
  • PCP : Free
  • Tannins % : 75.0 + 1.0
  • Non-Tannins % : 20%
  • Insolubles : 0.5%
  • Moisture % : 4.0%
  • Mineral Ash : 0.4%
  • Fe (Iron) : 0.00025 ppm
  • Cu (Copper) :Nil
  • pH (1:10 soln.) :4.0 â�� 4.5

Properties :
POP GS MIMOSA is soluble in tap and hot water, with the following characteristics on vegetable tannage :

  • Fast and efficient penetration.
  • Excellent yield.
  • Very light colour leathers
  • Good fixation
  • Nice beige tone

For chrome leather tannage POP GS MIMOSA permits :

  • Bellies and flanks fillings.
  • Better buffing properties.
  • Excellent polish effect.
  • To keep the embossing effect.

Applications :
POP GS MIMOSA may be used alone or blended with other vegetable extracts. The following use is recommended :

  • Based on limed weight
  • 25-30% for vachetta tannage (veg leather)
  • 40-45% for sole tannage.
  • Based on shaved weight
  • 5-15% for chrome leather tannage.

Types of Manufacture :

  • Flexible and semi firm leather.
  • Tanning and Re-tanning of chrome box-cow.
  • Harness and calf leather.
  • East Indian leather.

Recommendation :

During the leather production, there may be a risk of iron contamination. In order to prevent this, we suggest to use an iron-sequestering agent such as Pop DS Powder (0.2% on the reference weight), which may be added together with the first addition of tanning agents on the tanning or retanning processes.

Storage :
POP GS MIMOSA maintains its characteristics unchanged if properly stored in dry premises protected from sunlight in closed bags.

Packing :
POP GS MIMOSA is presented in a powder form, dedusted, and packed in a 25Kg. bag net weight.


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Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 1 Metric Ton
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Delivery Time 1 Month
Packaging Details 25 Kgs BAGS