Popbate ALK

Popbate ALK


Appearance Off white to pale brown, free flowing powder
Opt. pH 8.5 - 9.5
Opt.Temperature 35°C- 45° C
Activity 1,500 LVU / GM
Packing Available in 25 Kgs. Gunny Bag Packing
Shelf Life Can Be Stored upto 6 Months in a Cool and Dry Place.
Chemical Type Alkali Bate ( 1500 LVU/GM )

Popbate-ALK is an enzymatic bating agent which works in alkaline range. Popbate-ALK is a versatile bating agent based on proteolytic enzymes for all types of leather. This is an optimal blend of proteolytic enzymes from animal and microbial sources. The tailor-made formulation has also lipolytic side activities which help in removing the fatty tissues adhering to the skin and thus facilitating an optimum bating action.

Advantages :

  • Popbate-ALK ensures efficient loosening of scud consisting of short hairs, grease, lime soaps, dark coloured pigments and traces of epidermis, resulting in a fine and silky grained leather.
  • Popbate-ALK has proteolytic enzymes which ensure optimal removal of non-leather forming proteinaceous material like albumin, globulins and mucoids from the hides and skins.
  • Popbate-ALK gives a more elastic grain without increasing the "loose grain" tendency.
  • Popbate-ALK slackens the hide structure gently without causing excessive decomposition of the flanks.
  • Popbate-ALK Good scud loosening, smooth grains, even in strongly "fallen" pelts. For improved scud loosening special auxiliary agents may be additionally used.

Application :
It is to be dosed at 0.4-0.8% based on the pelt weight. It is better to dissolve the formulations made with Popbate-ALK separately in little quantity of water before adding to the bating bath.

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