Poplime LA Liquid

Poplime LA Liquid


Appearance Colourless or slightly yellowish liquid.
Chemicals Nature Blend of amino compounds.
Solid content approx 50%
pH (1:10) 10.5
Features Does not contain Sodium Sulphide Miscible in all proportions with water
Chemical Type Blend of amino compounds.

Poplime LA Liquid is a liming auxiliary used for easier and effective dehairing and reduces the swelling of pelts.

Properties :

  • Poplime LA Liquid reduces the lime swelling effect and diminishes the formation of wrinkles and drawn grain.
  • Poplime LA Liquid produces a clean and scudfree grain surface and the result is that very smooth, clean pelts are obtained.
  • With Poplime LA Liquid the dosage of Sodium Sulphide and Sodium Sulphydrate can be reduced.
  • Poplime LA Liquid enables the chemicals employed in the liming process to penetrate through the leather skin more evenly. The result is that the pelts swell more evenly and the chemicals can be utilized more efficiently.

Advantages :

  • The pelts are very clean and very smooth after they have been limed.
  • Growth marks, folds and blood vessels are much less prominent.

Application :

  • Poplime LA Liquid is added undiluted before the application of Sofium Sulphide.
  • The dosage depends on the type of raw stock and the float length. It is usuallysufficient to add 0.5-1.5% Poplime LA Liquid, expressed as a proportion of the salted weight.

Storage :

  • Poplime LA Liquid has a shelf life of atleast six months if stored tightly in sealed
  • packing at temperatures between 0ºC-50ºC

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