Popoil PVG9

Popoil PVG9


Appearance Light reddish brown liquid.
Chemical Type Sulfonated vegetable oil.
Active Matter 60% (±2)
pH of 10% solution 7.5
Ionic Charge Anionic Light
Fastness Fairly good.
Stability Stable to normal pH ranges of leather processing.

Vegetable Based Fatliquor

Properties :

  • Popoil PVG 9 is a complete anionic fatliquor with wide range of application to almost all type of leathers, imparting some specific properties. Emulsion can be made with cold or hot water without any major variation in the particle size of the emulsion.
  • Popoil PVG 9 produces leathers with pleasant touch and mellow handle.

Application :
Popoil PVG 9 can be used for a variety of leathers, particularly medium light leathers like upper, garment, lining, etc. While blending with other fatliquors, better results may be achieved if Popoil PVG 9 and all other fatliquors in required proportions are first mixed together and then gradually diluted with water to form a fine emulaion.

Storage :
Storage should be away from extreme conditions wherever possible. It is always advantageous to stirr well before.

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