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Poptan RHN

Price : INR 75.00 / Kilogram

Properties :

Popfil RHN is light fast and gives level shades. Together with white tanning agents, it produces a still higher degree of whiteness. Popfil RHN is designed for retannage of all types of leathers to impart fullness, tightness and a fine break to chrome and semi-chrome tanned leathers. Even small amount of Popfil RHN will fill the leather without impairing the fineness of grain and will largely retain the typical characteristics of chrome leather. Popfil RHN is susceptible to acid and may precipitate at a pH below 3.8; and not readily miscible with cationic products ( e.g. mineral tanning agents ). Popfil RHN is perfectly compatible with synthetic and vegetable tanning agents, sulphited fat liquor, anionic dyes and other anionic products, if the pH does not lie below the specified limit.

Application :
Popfil RHN is used for retaining chrome leather to improve its fullness and tightness of grain without causing formation of a coarser grain. A dosage of 3-5% is recommended. As Popfil RHN is sensitive to acid, the leather must be neutralized throughout the cross section before its application. Popfil RHN tightens the fibre structure of the leather, thereby producing leathers with improved buffability characteristics. Thus the product can be used in the manufacture of nubucks, suedes and corrected gram leathers. Due to its molecular weight, it has a selective filling action on loose structures of the skin. The product retains the full chrome character without effecting the softness and therefore suitable for very soft type of leathers also.

Specifications :

  • Appearance : Pale colored slightly viscous liquid.
  • Chemical Nature : Anionic synthetic resin tanning agent based on acrylic polymers.
  • Active Matter : 30% ( ± 2) pH of 10%
  • Solution : 6.0-6.5
  • Solubility : Readily soluble in water.

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 1 Metric Ton
Port Mumbai Port
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Delivery Time 1 week
Packaging Details 120 Kgs HDPE drums or 50 Kgs HDPE drums