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Catering to the demands of Leather Processing & Textile Processing, we present a large assortment of Products Available in accurate chemical composition and most appropriate packaging, our Products are in much demand in domestic as well overseas markets. Made from the pure chemicals, our range of Products is sure to provide 100 % good results. Free from any kind of contamination, our Products are pure and eco friendly.

Variants :
  • Poptan BFR
  • Popbate ALKC
  • Poptan DI
  • Poptan RSI
  • Poptan SDF
  • Popquebracho AKY Powder
  • Pop Mimosa SS
  • Poptan FR6
  • Pop GS Mimosa
  • Popsynth MZU

  • Popsynthoil LF-10
  • Popsynth 1104 NQ
  • Popsynthol MKV Liquid
  • Leather Degreasing Agent
  • Pyrogallol Powder
  • Chestnut Powder
  • Mimosa Powder
  • Leather Neutralising Agent
  • Quebracho Powder
  • Enzymatic Bating Agent
  • Synthetic Tanning Agent
  • Versatile Fatliquor

Leather Degreasing Agent

POPDEGREASOR AMG SPL is a degreasing agent with high efficiency and very good biodegradability for all kind of skins that contain big amount of natural fat.


Characteristics :

  • Efficiency of degreasing is better than obtained using ethoxylated nonylphenol (8-90E) in the same read more...

Tara Powder

Poptara Powder N is a modified pyragallol extract. Poptara Powder N gives firm and non elastic leathers having good resistance to light and water.

Characteristics :

  • Poptara Powder N is easily soluble in water.
  • Poptara Powder N has medium astringency which allows to obtain read more...

Chestnut Powder

Equipped with the most up-to-date inventory control and management system, we cater to the seasonal demand to a continuous one as well. We keep records of the products to make sure that the range is kept safe in our spacious warehouse. We are staffed with a team of professionals who hold immense knowledge in this domain. read more...

Mimosa Powder

POP MIMOSA MS is a soft mimosa single bleached extract of high quality indicated for tannage of hides and skins whenever a very light colour is required. In the tannage of soles and vachettas a very nice beige tone, often desired, is acheived.

POP MIMOSA MS is soluble in tap

Gluteraldehyde 50%

We make use of user-friendly interface that enables us to network and control the sorting, loading and unloading of all the finished products from a single location. By this, we make sure that the voluminous consignments are kept safely till the final send off. Owing to our reliable transportation facilities, we are able to read more...

Quebracho Ato G

Quebracho Ato G is a powder product obtained by chemicallly treating natural quebracho extract in order to achieve full cold water solubility and containing the largest tannin percentage among vegetable extracts. It is normal spray-dried extract. It is excellent for drum tannage and also for the retannage of read more...

Enzymatic Bating Agent

We make smooth and on-time deliveries of the product range that we keep safe in our capacious inventory. Our product is available in nontoxic and industrial-grade packaging materials that ensure the products are safe from damage and reach buyers in brand new read more...

Poptan SDF

A versatile synthetic replacement tanning agent (sulphone based formaldehyde free ) for the retannage of chrome leather and for vegetable tannage.


Analytical Data :

  • Chemical Type - Phenol sulphonic acid condensation product
  • Concentration - 94% (+2)
  • Tannin %

Popsynthol MKV Liquid ( Semi- Synthetic Oil )

Popsynthol MKV Liquid ( Semi- Synthetic Oil ) is a versatile fatliquor combinable with all fatliquors and capable of producing leathers with inner softness of excellent level.



  • Appearance - Clear Yellow liquid.
  • Chemical nature -

Poptan BFR Basifying Agent

Physical Appearance : A fine creamish white powder based on special compounds having 96% active contents.

Applications :

Poptan BFR is an alkaline powder with very fine particle size. It is uniformly but sparingly soluble in acid read more...

Popbate AC

POPBATE-AC is an enzymatic bating agent which works in acidic range. POPBATE-AC is a versatile bating agent based on proteolytic enzymes for all types of leather. This is an optimal blend of proteolytic enzymes from animal and microbial sources. The tailor made formulation has lipolytic side activity read more...

Poptan RHN

Properties :

Popfil RHN is light fast and gives level shades. Together with white tanning agents, it produces a still higher degree of whiteness. Popfil RHN is designed for retannage of all types of leathers to impart fullness, tightness and a fine break to chrome and read more...

Poptan CSN

POPTAN CSN is a combination of basic chromium salts and a lightfast white tanning agent. The product can be used as selftanning agent or as pretanning and retanning agent in vegetable and chrome tannage. It imparts to the leather a particularly soft handle and a tight grain.

Analytical Data

Poptan DI

POPTAN DI is a synthetic replacement tanning agent. It can be used for both self tannage and combination tannage in conjunction with vegetable tannins. It is also suitable for retaaning chrome leather and for getting a very pale coloured light fast tannage.

Nature : Phenol-naphthol

Poptan RSI POPTAN RSI An anionic synthetic resin syntan for the retannage of all types of chrome leathers.

Typical Analysis :
  • Chemical Type : Complex aminoplast resin of medium polymeric size.
  • Concentration : 94% (± 2) H of 10%
  • Solution : 10.0 ±

Leather Tanning Agents (Melamine Syntan)

An anionic neutral syntan based on nitrogen containing resin (melamine syntan) for retannage of all types of chrome leathers.

Typical Analysis :

  • Chemical Type : Nitrogen containing resin
  • Concentration : 90%
  • pH 10% of

Pop GS Mimosa

Pop GS Mimosa is a mimosa single bleached extract of high quality indicated for tannage of hides and skins whenever a very light colour is required. In the tannage of soles and vachettas a very nice beige tone, often desired, is acheived.

Typical Analysis

Fish Oil Fatliquors ( LF-10 )

Odourless fish oil based chrome stable fatliquor.

Specifications :

  • Appearance : Slightly viscous light brown emulsion.
  • Chemical Type : Sulphited high quality fish oil.
  • Active Matter : 80%

Popsynth 1104 NQ ( Synthetic Farliquior)

Synthetic, Light Fast Fatliquor.

Specifications :

  • Appearance : Clear yellow coloured liquid.
  • Ionic Nature : Anionic.
  • pH of 10% solution : 7.5 _+ 1.
  • Active Matter : 60% _+

Leather Syntans

We Offer Leather Syntans. We manufacture and offer you all syntans used in Leather processing such as :

  • Pre Syntan
  • Zirconium Syntan
  • Chrome Syntan
  • Neutralising Syntan
  • Acrylic Resin Syntan
  • Styrene Maleic Copolymeric Syntan
  • Aminoplast Resin